6 Best 6×9 Car Speakers to Buy in 2018

How do you hook up amp to a radio with no RCA input? What you need is a line level converter. This device pinches off existing, amplified, speaker wires coming out of your OEM deck. It has RCAs on it It changes the value of energy from amplified to line level, which your amp is looking for. You will need the standard amp install kit after that.

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But, back to original question Remember to use larger enough power and ground wires. Is it a Clarion amp?

Oct 26,  · Now your ready to hook up your amp. Connect your power,ground,remote,and rca’s to the amp. Then make sure its secure and fastened to the box or run your speaker wire to the subs and as long as everything was done correctly your sub should connect when the car turns on.

Plan the Location of the Car Stereo Equalizer First of all you need to think about where you want the car stereo equalizer to be installed in the car. Where does it look the best, is there enough room where you think it looks the best, or do you need to consider installing it in a different area of the car. Run the Main Electrical Wiring Wiring a car stereo equalizer can be a rewarding experience when done the right way. After you have the car stereo equalizer mounted, you need to run the main power wire, usually a 16 gauge red wire to the main power, or switched power wire in the fuse panel, you will need a test light for this.

If you want the car stereo equalizer to come on only when the key is in the on position, you need to locate a power post that only has power when the key is on. Hook up your main power wire from the equalizer to that post. Run the Main Ground Wire After you have run the main power wire, you will need to find a place to mount the ground wire. A plastic mounted ground wire will never make a good ground. Things to remember when wiring a car stereo to an equalizer Make sure that you have enough room to mount the unit where you want it Try doing a fit up before you drill any holes Run the main power wire from the equalizer to a power output in the fuse panel Mount the ground wire correctly, make sure that the ground wire is mounted to metal Now the equalizer should be installed where you want it, with the power, and ground wires hooked up Step 4:


Modern look and high-tech aesthetics surely add a lot to the style but the main advantages of this party speaker are beneath its cover. It was ultimately designed to be a portable party speaker. The Big Blue is rather lightweight — only 15 pounds, which relatively low compared to other popular models, including some on this list. This speaker offers a total of 72 watts of power and half of that powers the sub. So you will not only get decent volume but you will get pretty great bass.

Sep 22,  · I don’t want to hook them up to my amp, I just want them for mids. I was told I should hook them up to my rear channel however I’m not sure how to do so. I have a avhp and I have a eclipse 2 tweeters in front, 2 on the doors and 2 on the back seat floor panels and 2 subs in the trunk. how to hook up additional car speakers?

The very best portable speakers deliver exceptional sound with crisp highs, detailed midrange and booming bass, while maintaining a compact and lightweight design. Our experts have tested hundreds of speakers to determine which ones have the best portable design with excellent sound performance and feature high quality Bluetooth streaming — all at affordable and very good prices.

We also make sure that the speaker has enough battery life to last for long periods of time while on the go, so you will never have to worry about having to constantly recharge the speaker. Be sure to check out our list of best portable Bluetooth speakers for below! Be sure to also check out our top picks for the loudest bluetooth speakers and best outdoor bluetooth speakers that are now selling at amazing discounts and deliver stunning sound performance at a budget price.

This portable bluetooth speaker is able to produce high quality, full-bodied stereo sound through its integrated dual high-performance drivers and a unique spiral bass port. The sound from these speakers is clear, detailed and natural without any distortion at high volumes.

Is it OK to hook up 8 ohms speakers to….

You ONLY have the speakers? If you don’t have a home stereo with “audio in” jacks, then I don’t know how you can hook up your home speakers to your computer. ANY home stereo will do, as long as it has “aux in” jacks. First off I would suggest scraping your laptop’s built-in audio right from the get-go. Though this Extigy I can’t see if it has line-out.

If you plan on using an amp you definitely want to have line level outputs for the cleanest signal.

Hook up the amp and subwoofers. Power up your system and you should be good to go. Now that you know how to hook up an amplifier and subwoofers, you can start charging you friends to do it for them. show comments amplifier, amplifier and subwoofers, car stereo, hook up amplifier, hook up subwoofer, install amplifier, install car stereo.

LOADS Amplifiers are designed to power a specific “load”, meaning a speaker or set of speakers having a specific “AC impedance” measured in ohms. Impedance resists the flow of electric current so the higher the speaker impedance the less current the amplifier has to supply. Conversely, the lower the impedance the more current must be supplied. In other words, a low impedance speaker is a big workload for your amp and a high impedance speaker is a small load.

To push more air, several speakers always of equal impedance can be wired together in a cabinet. The cabinet impedance depends on how the speakers are wired and may differ from the impedance of the speakers. Wiring diagrams and their effect on cabinet impedance are displayed below. An amp works best when driving a load with the same impedance as the amplifier’s “output impedance”. If they don’t match, there could be consequences: If the speaker impedance is higher than the amp’s, the amp might sound weak or dull.

If the speaker impedance is lower than the amp’s, the amp might sound fantastic but eventually burn out. Speakers and cabinets should also be marked with an ohms value. If not, you can easily measure the value with a multimeter: Multimeters measure DC resistance, not AC impedance.

Specs on 9 Speaker Alpine 506 Watt Amp

Lol the only people that’s mad at the video never hooked anything dealing with car audio lol. Good video and explanation zach ryan: Don’t let the stupid people tell you it was confusing. I got what you were saying Raul Ramirez: Hey how can I do it to a malibu can u help Jose Cordero: Also I have a 5 channel amp.

Can I hook up a pair of powered speakers (built in amp) to an xbox via an RCA lead, and at the same time output to a powered sub via the optical cable (logitech z sub with processor)?

Car Audio Black Friday Sales! Even though speakers are active loads resistance changes with frequency , it is accepted to treat speakers as resistors with a fixed resistance value usually 4 ohms. By combining speakers in different ways, maximum amplifier output can be obtained. For example if a 2-channel amplifier is rated to deliver a maximum output of watts at 2 ohms mono bridged , then by hooking up two 4 ohm subwoofers in parallel, a total load of 2 ohms is “seen” by the amplifier, obtaining optimum power.

Parallel Resistance People commonly hook up two or more speakers to the same channel out of an amplifier in parallel. This is achieved by hooking up the negative wire from the amp to all the negative connections of the speakers, and the positive to all the positive connections of the speakers. By doing this, the load seen by the amplifier is lower. For example, if two 4-ohm speakers are wired-up in parallel, then their total resistance will be half, or 2 ohms. If three speakers are wired up in parallel, and they all have the same resistance value, then the total load would be a third of the value of each speaker’s resistance.

Here’s a formula to calculate parallel total resistance for two speakers: For more than two speakers, use the following formula: So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this scheme?

Does anyone know how to Hook up a full system to the Uconnect 8.4?

Modifications How to add extra car speakers The standard twin-speaker car stereo system has one obvious drawback. If you mount the speakers on the rear shelf, to hear the sound clearly you often have to turn up the volume to a level that is too loud for the rear seat passengers. Choosing speakers Choosing speakers Whether you are fitting four new speakers, or just adding an extra pair to your existing system, the choice is vast.

Below are some old speakers and fader controls from Pioneer. A TS-VX is a surface-mounted wedge-type rear speaker. B TS-R mounts into the rear parcel shelf.

Nov 22,  · Kenwood Car CD USB Bluetooth Radio,Pioneer 6×9″ and ” Speakers, W Amp Set. $ The front auxiliary input provides a connection if you want to hook up a portable high-res audio player. grommets and ring terminals that you will need in order to get your new sound system up and running. The car amp install kit works Seller Rating: % positive.

August 17, 9: This is all fine but you are still limited with Bluetooth which is why no one really makes large Bluetooth systems but simple portable devices. As stated before bandwidth with Bluetooth is limited in he first place so you will not get the sound you would over a wireless 5ghz signal and there is still the range of Bluetooth which is very limited.

Although it has improved in distance it is still not ideal. If I am going to want to run a larger system, I would definitely want the quality and Bluetooth will not give you that. Stick with either hardwiring your speakers with a docking station or jack or go wireless. If you are going for portability and small footprint and just want to listen to music without true fidelity but just have music then Bluetooth is the answer. Example of the lack of bandwidth would be shown in the transfer of a photo from one device to another:

How do you hook up door speakers to an amp?

Just what is tone? What is a good tone and how do you achieve it? Which amps you should choose for your setup and how to get the tones you want. We also looked at the importance of choosing the right guitar — not only for your technique and rig but also for inspiration to play and create music.

How do i hook up my car speakers to an amp One-Wire alternators on until. Radios diy tools need a car stereo speakers, new high-tech components make an amplifier and meet up and headunit up.

They have two separate speakers that emit different ranges of sounds. The woofer, or the larger speaker, emits the lower to mid range frequencies. The tweeter, the small speaker, covers the high range frequencies and noises. Separating the tweeter and woofer allows clearer sound with less distortion. Finding, researching and purchasing car speakers that fit the needs of your vehicle is difficult. Sound preference, quality, style, features and price all vary.

Our knowledge and first-hand experience with products combined with extensive research has led us to our own list of top 6.

Can you hook up 4 ohm speakers up to a 2 ohm amp?

How Hide TV Cables Audiophiles are always looking for new ways to get the most out of their audio equipment. Over the years people have found creative ways for enhancing sound quality beyond just buying more expensive speakers. There are two techniques in particular that we will talk about here: While neither of these techniques are strictly necessary, they can potentially give you better sound.

Speakers are usually a combination of two specific speakers: Both Bi-Wiring and Bi-Amping try to improve sound quality by isolating these components from one another.

Jun 16,  · If you are wiring as bridged, you must be “certain” that the speakers are 8 ohm. If the speakers wind up being 4 ohm speakers and you wire 2 speakers in “bridged mode”, you will be droping the resistance to 2 ohms and the amp WILL blow up on : Resolved.

My installer tried two kits to integrate the Kenwood with the factory JBL amp. With both kits, the sound would end up fading in and out and there was very little sound to the rear speakers. The front speakers sounded great when they weren’t fading in and out. The installer then made a wiring harness and just bypassed the JBL amp. He also installed a couple of crossovers. It sounded like garbage. It sounded like the music was playing from inside a coffee can. Played with all the settings, very little improvement.

They insisted it would work. So I bought the harness and installed it last night. The front speakers sound great, no fading in and out like with the harness the installer tried. But there is very little signal to the rear speakers. Triple checked all connections, everything is properly connected.

Easy Test of Battery Amp-Hours Capacity

I have not selected the amp yet, but was leaning towards: My dash and front door speakers are not a component set. Is it possible to make them a set if I get an active crossover? So I guess my choices are: Questions for option 2. If dash and fronts are one 2 channels, and say amp does 50w, does that mean the 50w gets split between the 4 speakers 2 dash and 2 front doors?

Mar 03,  · you need to first convert your home power (V AC) to car power (12V DC). Pick up a transformer @ Walmart or RadioShack. After that just hook up 10 gauge wires from + to + and – to : Resolved.

Class AB amps combine the good points of class A and B amps. They have the improved efficiency of class B amps and distortion performance that is a lot closer to that of a class A amp. With such amplifiers, distortion is worst when the signal is low, and generally lowest when the signal is just reaching the point of clipping. Class AB amps like class B use pairs of transistors, both of them being biased slightly ON so that the crossover distortion associated with Class B amps is largely eliminated.

Class C amps are never used for audio circuits. They are commonly used in RF circuits. Class C amplifiers operate the output transistor in a state that results in tremendous distortion it would be totally unsuitable for audio reproduction. However, the RF circuits where Class C amps are used employ filtering so that the final signal is completely acceptable. Class C amps are quite efficient.

How to connect your car amplifier. A very simple explanation, test, and easy mods

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