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This is a radical change from the comics. As you can see the comic was a black and white comic. She was the assistant to Baxter Stockman. The shading between Stockman and April is pretty obvious. An astute Twitter user points out the only issue where April was black. They also note this was an out of canon issue. I guarantee you’re going to be seeing this pic a lot in the next few days. This is the only Mirage comic where April was black.

Strange things about Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s marriage

Battle Match The Triceratons have destroyed present day Earth! Help the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles travel back in time, battle alien space creatures from beyond the known Universe and save Earth in this furiously-fast puzzle fighter game for Android phones and tablets! Use your finger to match 3 or more action icons that unleash devastating attacks on enemies!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Demo. Downloads > Demo Versions Feb 20th, In the demo, players can control Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael in ninja-tag sequences. Players can perform acrobatic moves and experience over-the-top ninja action across the rooftops of New York City.

Tests games for girls Games tests for fun Rate your character and looks very very difficult, but you always want to think of themselves better. For this and come up with games for girls tests that say compliments. And let you guess that the result is far from the truth, but it is important to get support in order to feel more confident, because it is so important at a young age. A nice result can be an incentive, to push to really change for the better, to emphasize a snazzy features, hiding the fact that you do not want to show to others.

Girls are so excited when the game tests compare them with the fairies, princesses, mermaids and other beauties. The tests are not a modern invention. Many previous generations have passed tests in paper editions, but the most interesting was copied in a notebook and tested friends. Of course, such a wide variety as it is now not there, but because they are valued, because the drafters tried to make them unique and believable. True result is guaranteed only with explicit answers to questions that might even confuse.

Now, tests for girls using a simple question: In similarity with the characters Love On the human qualities On the coincidence of the characters In the knowledge of the plot of the film, in various fields: For the signs of the zodiac On the logic The fact that the girls want to get confirmation of the sympathy of a classmate, is understandable, but it is interesting to know, what do you farm?

However, such tests are too funny happen. But intelligence tests like and boys.

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These well-known faces got behind the mic to provide the voices for your favorite cartoons. Jaleel White as Sonic the Hedgehog While audiences might be more familiar with Jaleel White as Steve Urkel, the actor also voiced Sonic the Hedgehog for the animated series when he was 16 years old and still starring on Family Matters. He later reprised the role for the animated series Sonic Underground in Orson Welles as Unicron from Transformers: The Movie Legendary filmmaker Orson Welles’ last role before his death in was voice-work for Transformers: He played the villain Unicron, a planet-sized Transformer hell-bent on ultimate power.

Raph is dating Angie; Donny has a g/f that we meet in this fic; Turtle/Human relationships; Summary. It’s been two years since Gwen moved to New York. Things were working out great. Or so it seemed. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – All Media Types () Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles .

Donatello is a fellow, has a way with machines! He is a mutant Red-Eared Slider turtle who is the brains of the Ninja Turtles and the third oldest of his brothers. As the brains of the Ninja Turtles, he is the one in charge of building and designing the vehicles, weapons, gadgets, and antidotes for the team. Even though he has a genius intellect for April O’Neil , and stressing out, which can affect him in his training with Splinter and his Ninjutsu skills. He is in love with April O’Neil.

Donatello debuts in Rise of the Turtles Part One. Since Yoshi had lost everything on that night, he fled to New York City to start a new life, which was the place that Tang Shen wanted to move to with Yoshi and Miwa. One day in New York, Hamato Yoshi went to a pet shop and bought four baby turtles. As he was leaving from the pet shop to head back home, he bumps past a strange man in the streets. Yoshi had bad vibes about this man and decided to follow him, leading him into an alley.

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Strange things about Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s marriage Getty Images Mike Redmond When Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green secretly married in , they were coming off of a rocky six-year relationship that had already seen its share of ups and downs in the spotlight. Naturally, their marriage hasn’t gone smoothly either, and adding babies into the mix is a strain for any couple. But things would become even more complicated when an accident leaves him unable to work and resentment pushes her to the brink of divorce before a surprise pregnancy changes everything.

Basically, there’s never a dull moment with these two.

TMNT Download Free Full Game is a single-player action-adventuremulti-platform action game starring theTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is based on the film of .

Leonardo x reader Leonardo imagine tmnt x reader tmntxreader tmnt imagine tmnt imagines raerraws whispered: How would the turts react to their child playing with their weapon even after being instructed not to, and actually getting hurt in the process? Does dad or mom give discipline? I hope you still like it!!! Of cause, raising such an understanding kid, they took their punishment without a word. And of cause, they would go straight to Donnie to see if there was any long term damage, of cause they had a concussion.

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I’m not quite sure if I’m a Millennial in fact, given the opportunity, I will argue that I am not until the sun burns out , but I am a proud member of Generation Ninja Turtle. I was four years old, right in the candy-colored, merchandise gobbling sweet spot, when the cartoon premiered, propelling Leo, Donnie, Raph and Mikey to global superstar status.

I used to dream of being pulled up onstage like Courtney Cox in the “Dancing in the Dark” video.

Do you know how to pass a complex place in the game? A huge number of walkthrough games on video.

Edit Draculaura was born in AD She is the biological daughter of Camilla and Gaius, humans residents in Romania, years ago. It so happens that Gaius, a Roman soldier, is the great-great-grandson of Trajan, one of Dracula’s servant and friend. However, after he impregnated Camilla, he is killed in a battle, leaving the widow alone and with no means to support the soon-to-be born child.

Dracula, in a move of compassion and in honour of his old friend, gives aid to Camilla and receives them in his castle. Soon Draculaura is born, her name given as an honour to the being who saved both her’s and her mother’s life.

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If you have any request, just comment. Leo’s gaze was stuck on the television as he awaited for his favorite show, Space Heroes, to resume. Maybe it would get his mind off of the dirty thoughts lingering through his mind He had lost track in an attempt to try and avoid it this year. He was so scared he’d hurt name.

He had only been dating you for three months, and one of his worst fears were hurting you.

Nov 11,  · The next add-on pack for Injustice 2 adds all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the DC Comics fighting game. Fans seem pretty happy about .

During that time, you’ve grown to love them and their Sensei. One of them in particular, Leonardo. Despite the whole thing being a cross species dating thing, you loved everything about him. His leadership, how responsible he is, how he quotes Space Heroes and how funny it is sometimes , his kind and understanding nature and so on. However you kept telling yourself that you didn’t think of Leo like that, April has called you out on your feelings for him a few times. But you’ve always been able to cover it up.

It wasn’t until one night in particular that you’ve realized your feelings for the heroic leader. When Leo came out to everyone about it, you were so mad that when he got back up from Splinter stabbing Leo’s foot with the walking staff or whatever the hell it is, that you walked up to Leo and slapped him. Saying that he never should’ve even thought of the idea that she had some ‘good’ in her and you called him a stupid and selfish idiot for not telling you about this.

Not only did you feel betrayed, you felt that you were about to burst into tears so you ran out of the lair while Leo was calling your name.

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January 25, Schripsema The La Cueva gymnasium was filled with thousands of students for the annual winter sports assembly. In a special basketball game, the newly created La Cueva Unified Sports team was ready to take the court to face the staff. With the time winding down, the next made shot would win the game. The Unified Team passed the ball around, and finally, it ended up in the hands of the hero that day. Conner Young drove to the basket, took aim, and hit the layup to win the game for the Unified Sports team.

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Ready for the quiz? D It’s gonna be fun Yeah yeah whatever just get on with the quiz Me: Do you have pizza? Um, no and calm down What kind of quiz is it? You’re walking home from school and it’s getting dark. You got held up because you had to finish your homework What are you most likely wearing? Probably a beige shirt and plaid skirt with penny loafers. I’d probably be wearing a varsity jacket under some type of jersey, jeans, and running shoes.

Probably just a sweatshirt and jeans Anything that’ll stand out Calm down bro, you’ll be okay

TMNT 2017 Movie / Ninja Turtles Come To New Life

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