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Encyclopedia Dramatica About MySpace Angles is the practice of photographing oneself at a particular angle for the sake of obscuring one’s own facial flaws. This “beauty through obscurity” phenomenon has existed possibly since the dawn of photography itself, but the term “MySpace angles” or simply “The Angles” emerged following the launch of social networking site MySpace in Despite the name “MySpace angles,” this phenomenon is not confined solely to MySpace and the term can be used to refer to vainly obscured photos on any social networking site. Origin Although it remains unclear who first coined the term “Myspace angles,” the practice of photographing oneself at a flattering angle arose sometime in the early s with the introduction of consumer-grade digital cameras and early social networking sites like Friendster [1] , LiveJournal and MySpace. For example, on the Korean web, the same angling technique is referred to as Ulzzang “best face” angle. The Technique The desired effect is often achieved by raising the camera high above one’s head at arm’s length, as depicted in the image shown left below.

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Opt out or contact us anytime Members customize their home pages with zebra-stripe backgrounds and giant pictures of their favorite motocross riders, rock singers or bikini models. The site is also a testament to the exhibitionism spawned by cellphone cameras. And a popular feature is the ability to assemble galleries of friends, with their photographs linking to their own pages. As at many networking sites, MySpace members must receive permission from other members before adding them as friends, and sometimes “friendship” is no deeper than a brief e-mail exchange.

Advertisement Continue reading the main story Seabron Ward, 19, a student at the University of Colorado at Denver, said that many students consider it a status symbol to build a big friend list. He said he started worrying when he noticed younger employees spending hours surfing through MySpace. It was a big deal, and Mr.

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Hall decided to investigate the connection, and learn more about who was meeting their significant other this way, and how well these marriages fared. The sample included 19, participants who had been married once between and , and were asked where they met — was it online dating sites; email or instant messaging; online communities such as chat rooms or virtual reality games; or social networking sites. Those who met on social networking sites were more likely to be younger, married more recently, and African American compared to those who met on other ways on the internet.

What surprised Hall even more, however, was that the social networking-based relationships were happier than those that began offline, in traditional ways such as being introduced by mutual friends. Conversations, observations and interactions on social networking sites may be more casual and low risk, relieved of the pressure and anticipation of a potential date or rejection for a potential date that shadow every picture, message and response on dating sites.

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October 2, 2: Mercer was reclusive and introverted , according to descriptions based on his online presence and neighbors at the apartment complex where he apparently lived. At a press conference Friday, Hanlin and his team said that all the firearms were purchased legally, some by the shooter and others by a family member. Sheriff Hanlin said there were a total of ten fatalities, including the shooter.

He also had a. Investigators suspect he may have been a student at the college because a receipt found at the crime scene shows he purchased textbooks on campus two days before the shooting, according to the AP. Mercer was born in the U. Both Fisher and another neighbor said they recognized the young assailant from circulated photographs that appeared on a profile purportedly belonging to him on social network MySpace. The photos show a man with a shaved head and glasses looking into the camera while holding a long-barrel gun.

There are suspicions that the username may be a reference to a Nazi military symbol, and multiple reports said someone with the same handle had purchased Nazi memorabilia online. His face splashed across every screen, his name across the lips of every person on the planet, all in the course of one day. Former neighbors from Torrance, where Mercer lived before moving to Oregon, described him as a reserved young man who was almost inseparable from his mother and wore the same outfit a white t-shirt with green army pants and combat boots every day.

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Welcome to the myspace profile layout editor This editor requires Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox or Opera. Use the tabs above to edit different parts of your profile. If a preview window does not show up, try pressing the ctrl key while you click the button.

I wouldn’t hang out with my friends. I have to admit, I was addicted. But for many young people, this “social networking” website is the “place” to be. In just two years since it was launched, MySpace’s membership has jumped from zero to Members, mostly between the ages of 14 and 34, develop a profile, offering information about themselves, as well as photos.

Besides talking about themselves, members mainly spend their time visiting the pages of “friends,” who, of course, are nearly all people they’ll never meet in “real life. First, MySpace poses safety concerns. Though the company tries to police it, there is plenty of profanity, obscenity, and explicit pictures. And kids divulge far too much personal information, which can put them in dangerous situations. For example, police in California and Connecticut are investigating crimes against girls under 16 committed by men they met on MySpace.

And then there’s young peoples’ sense of identity and community. As the Los Angeles Times puts it, sites like MySpace “are helping to spawn a generation of uninhibited liars. While MIT sociologist and psychologist Sherry Turkle says this is part of adolescents’ struggle for identity, experts believe sites like MySpace are “creating new forms of social behavior that blur the distinctions between online and real-world interactions. This destroys the ability to experience real community.

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History[ edit ] Badoo’s new design and app interface launched April Badoo was founded by the Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev and launched in Moscow in November Andreev discussed this redesign in an interview with Business Insider ‘s James Cook in the same month. When they first sign up, individuals select whether they want to meet new people to date, chat or to make new friends. Users can chat, [15] match with others, upload photos and videos, as well as share their interests and see any friends in common.

The main features include: Users can see and contact people who live in their area, as well as those they ‘Bumped Into’ with this feature.

Some dating services such as speed dating, charge a monthly fee, but you usually get something there, and if you want a free profile, you can usually find something online. She was happy to find Chris on the site, which contacted him and told him he loved his eyes.

Share on Reddit It’s and online dating has become so ubiquitous that it’s not only socially acceptable, it’s practically the go-to when people decide it’s time to meet someone new. One advantage to it all being on the Internet, though, is that we can discover what works—do people really respond to the things they claim are important to them? When it comes to profile pictures, it seems that everything most thinking adults assumed would be true is false—those awful “kissy face” pictures, the MySpace angles, phone-pics-in-the-mirror, and pics that don’t even show your face are apparently quite effective in generating interest in the opposite sex.

Popular dating site OKCupid has made a habit of running data analysis on its usage trends and posting the results on its blog. The latest analysis has been picking up steam on social networks because of the subject it examines: As it turns out, nearly all conventional wisdom on what makes an effective profile photo is completely wrong, at least in terms of receiving initial messages from the opposite sex. The most shocking conclusion in OKCupid’s report is that the much-maligned ” MySpace angle “—a self-photo taken at an unrealistic and overly-flattering angle—is wildly successful for female users.

Women who use these photos in their profiles receive an average of more than 15 new contacts on a monthly basis. The overall average was between 8 and 9 new contacts for “normal” photos, and a photo of a woman doing an interesting activity falls below average at just 8 new contacts per month.

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Thank you for the question. The way it was then trying to do that was by talking about eco-efficiency, making or saving money through pollution prevention or resource efficiency measures or whatever. So with a couple of colleagues I have been trying to think this through and after about 18 months of trying to think it through, in , we came up with the idea of framing it in terms of an expanded bottom line, and so obviously the social and environmental pieces made sense.

So instead of just simply taking the financial bottom line, I extended it to the economic dimensions as well, which almost no companies when they are doing their annual report and accounts, cover.

The Best Dating Apps to Help Find That Special Someone. Luis Chavez – Lifewire. Jacqueline Emigh. Nick Congleton. Learn How to Sign up for the New Myspace With This Easy Tutorial. List. Sign Up for LinkedIn and Create a Profile in Just a Few Steps. List. Text .

Since its launch, the site has gotten a lot of media coverage. Maybe we can chalk this up to post-election excitement. When I visited the site, I tried searching for hot conservative singles in my area. It called up a long list of nearby users. Amazing, I thought, that even here in progressive Oakland, California, there were thousands of young and horny Trump supporters looking for action. Many of the users on TrumpSingles appear to be fake. I was presented with the same pool of users. Reverse-image searching the profile photos led to their original sources, people with different names and no apparent interest in riding the Trump train.

Perhaps the site was glitching. Eventually, I was able to find a real person. She told me she was well aware of her photo on the site because she signed up for it to write an article. Why are there so many fake accounts?

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MySpace Impact is a political section of the site devoted to educating MySpace users on the world of politics. Even though the site is international, the focus of MySpace Impact is on American politics. Adding MySpace Impact was one of the site’s most selfless endeavors, given that the section is focused more on educating users and creating an online dialogue than it is on generating revenue.

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Add a message This is page 1 of 1 This thread has 18 messages. Find out more Mumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. Add message Report zwischenzug Wed Apr It sounds likely he is logging on to porn sites, but ads popping up isn’t really proof. When I was doing research for a project I was looking at a lot of army recruitment pages.

I’d never looked at any naughty pages and it was my personal computer so this can happen when someone hasn’t been looking at anything they shouldn’t. This will show history, unless he’s savvy enough to have deleted from there recently.

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Being nearly a decade older, I find her youth a bit distressing. Being a man, I find it a bit enticing. Further stoking my curiosity is the knowledge that Michelle is three miles from here, which has the effect of making her seem more real than the catalog model she resembles, blurring the line between fantasy and reality, pixel and potential.

With that, the word liked flares up in green, a virtual stamp denoting my interest, and Michelle vanishes into the digitized ether as quickly as she first appeared.

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In August , several eUniverse employees with Friendster accounts saw potential in its social networking features. The group decided to mimic the more popular features of the website. Within 10 days, the first version of Myspace was ready for launch, implemented using ColdFusion. The first Myspace users were eUniverse employees. The company held contests to see who could sign up the most users.

A key architect was tech expert Toan Nguyen who helped stabilize the Myspace platform when Brad Greenspan asked him to join the team. Despite over ten times the number of developers, Friendster , which was developed in JavaServer Pages jsp , could not keep up with the speed of development of Myspace and cfm. Myspace’s old logo used from June to October By , it was transitioned from a file storage service to a social networking site.

A friend, who also worked in the data storage business, reminded Chris DeWolfe that he had earlier bought the domain MySpace. Rise and purchase by News Corp. Myspace quickly gained popularity among teenage and young adult social groups.


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